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Put the major financial pieces in place for your future. Financial Planning 101 is a good knowledge base for anyone.  Retirement Readiness is focused on decisions for those near or in retirement.


Backdoor Roth IRA.  Recorded video.

Real estate investing.  Recorded video.

Financial Planning 101

Cash flow and eliminating debt including student loans.  Recorded video.
Charitable giving, wills, and other estate documents.  Recorded video.
Saving for retirement and kids' college.  Recorded video.
Building an investment portfolio.  Recorded video.
Smart tax strategies, life, and disability insurance.  Recorded video.

Retirement Readiness

Retirement Readiness

Have you saved enough and Social Security.  Recorded video.
Wills, estate documents, and charitable giving.  Recorded video.
Replacing the paycheck with investments and smart tax planning.  Recorded video.
Health insurance, Medicare, and long term care.  Recorded video.

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