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Serving Wisconsin Physicians

Serving Wisconsin Physicians

As a physician, your finances are unique.  But no matter where you are starting from or where you want to go, we're ready to work with you to get there.

Complimentary Initial Consultation
You have goals and dreams

You have goals and dreams

- Providing for yourself and your family

- Paying off med school

- Raising children

- Saving for your future

- Giving back

- Building financial security

Our process is built for physicians

Complimentary Initial Consult

An informal conversation about what matters most to you right now. When we agree there is value in proceeding, we conduct a detailed Financial Diagnosis.

Financial Diagnosis

An in-depth analysis and benchmarking of your current financial security and ability to achieve your desired goals.

Financial Treatment Plan

A personal prescription for optimal financial security and performance including a step-by-step timeline, your specific performance measurements, and a customized care plan.

Regular Financial Checkups

Includes a Treatment Plan progress report and performance review. Checkups empower Treatment Plan updates which give you the clarity and confidence to continuously choose the best path forward.

With comfort, safety, and security

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

- Creating a judgement free environment

- Providing reasons behind the recommendations

- Following best practices so you get the right advice

- Putting your interest ahead of ours as fiduciaries at all times

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Real Cases

Med School Debt

Med School Debt

A young physician had a mound of student loans, was recently married, starting a family, and house hunting.  We worked together to:

  • Prioritize their cash flow
  • Identify an appropriate student loan repayment strategy
  • Balance competing interests between saving for a down payment, reducing debt, and starting to save  
Child Choosing College

Child Choosing College

Parents with a child bound for a higher cost private university had saved a significant amount, but found themselves a bit short.  By working together we:

  • Explored scholarship and grant opportunities at the chosen school as well as other schools being considered
  • Identified schools they had not considered that provided more generous grants and scholarships based on their child's academic merit
Tax Planning

Tax Planning

A couple with high taxable income had been missing opportunities to reduce their tax bill.  Their tax preparer, like many, focused on what happened the prior year, rather than providing tax advice about the upcoming year.  In working together, we helped them to:

  • Shift the location of their holdings to expand the tax free part of their portfolio
  • Implement a charitable strategy that allowed them to claim a larger itemized deduction
  • Defer income to a lower tax year


A physician and her husband were contemplating retirement.  Together we determined:

  • The optimal Social Security timing for each spouse
  • Whether to be insured by original Medicare with a supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan
  • How much income their assets could generate in retirement
  • How to reallocate their portfolio for secure retirement income

What is the Complimentary Initial Consultation?

Let's talk about...

  • Where you're at today.
  • What you hope to provide for yourself, family, and others in the future.
  • Ask us your urgent financial questions.  Many can be answered immediately.
  • The call is complimentary, but some cases simply require more work and time on our part.  When that happens, we'll explain the process and next steps.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

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