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Free Financial Guide

Free Financial Guide

…this 5-minute guide will show you how to leverage the 5 critical elements of your personal strategy to build wealth and create a better future for yourself and the people you love—starting right now.

<span>WI Medical Society Membership</span>

WI Medical Society Membership

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- Reduce Debt - Invest Smart - Retire Secure - Live Your Life -

Personal finance has become more complicated and burdensome than it should.  Join other physicians who are turning their concerns about debt, investing, and retirement into a feeling of financial wellbeing.

From Concern

As a physician, you have valid concerns... 

  • Burdened by student loans
  • Unsure where to invest
  • Paying high taxes
  • Worried about retirement
  • High demands on your time or even burnout

To Financial Clarity and Wellbeing

Your custom plan will...

  • Show you the best way out of debt
  • Help you invest wisely
  • Reduce taxes where possible
  • Create a secure retirement
  • Help you live your life without worry about money

Real Cases

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

A couple with high taxable income had been missing opportunities to reduce their tax bill.  Their tax preparer, like many, focused on what happened the prior year, rather than providing tax advice about the upcoming year.  In working together, we helped them to:

  • Shift the location of their holdings to expand the tax free part of their portfolio
  • Implement a charitable strategy that allowed them to claim a larger itemized deduction
  • Defer income to a lower tax year
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Estate Documents

Estate Documents

A married couple had children at home, but did not have an estate plan.  We worked together to:

  • Identify a guardian for their children, personal representative, and agent to make financial and healthcare decisions if they could not
  • Create wills, trust, and other documents using a respected estate planning service
  • Update their accounts to coordinate with their new estate plan 
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A couple wanted to improve their portfolio.  With retirement starting, they would now rely on their portfolio for income.  Together we:

  • Found and reduced excess risk
  • Increased dividend and interest income
  • Reduced excess fees and expenses
  • Improved long-term expected returns
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A physician and her husband were contemplating retirement.  Together we determined:

  • The optimal Social Security timing for each spouse
  • Whether to be insured by original Medicare with a supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan
  • How much income their assets could generate in retirement
  • How to reallocate their portfolio for secure retirement income
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Why WisMed Financial?

Created by & for Physicians

We understand your unique needs and challenges.

As a company owned by the WI Medical Society, our profits support the continued work of the Society on behalf of the physician members.

Independent & Fiduciary

We are independent. We do not represent a brokerage firm or insurance company.

As a fiduciary, we are obligated to do what is in your best interest at all times.


 “Being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ [professional] is largely considered the gold standard in financial planning.”  - US News & World Report, Jan. 31, 2019

No Commissions

There are no commissions or revenue sharing.  As fee-only advisors, we are paid by you, period.

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